How a 24-Hour Bail Bondsmen Service in Fairfield, CT Relates to Appropriate Appearance at Trial

One main reason defense lawyers want their clients to be out of jail before trial is so they don’t have to come to court dressed in jail garb. The lawyers prefer that these clients are out before any of the hearings after the initial bail hearing. When cash bail cannot be paid, a 24-hour bail bondsmen service in Fairfield, CT will post a surety bond for qualified applicants.

The Appearance of Guilt

Many defense attorneys believe that coming to court in a jumpsuit that is connected with the jail might prejudice a judge or jury against the defendant. The defendant already looks guilty when wearing this clothing. Especially when the person is brought to court in handcuffs, this further solidifies the view of guilt. The defendant is likely to feel embarrassed and ashamed, which jury members may interpret as signs of guilt. This may be a subconscious process, but it may affect their decisions regarding the defendant.

Guidance on Appropriate Appearance

When the person has been released through the help of a 24-hour bail bondsmen service in Fairfield, CT, the lawyer can make recommendations to the person on how to dress appropriately for court. They should look as businesslike as possible, but some are inclined to appear in outfits that are far too casual. Since they are not forced to wear a jail jumpsuit, they can be coached on a more appropriate appearance.

Additional measures can be taken to make the person look as respectable as possible. Tattoos depicting unpleasant imagery can be covered with long sleeves if they are on the arms. A person with a large number of noticeable piercings might want to tone it down. This is not the time to take a stand on principle. Most of the jury members may be rather conservative, and a lawyer doesn’t want to give them any subconscious reason to believe the defendant must be guilty.

Even when the defendant is allowed to wear street clothes at trial, defense lawyers worry that being incarcerated works against these people. They are likely to fare better if they have been released with the assistance of an agency like Aces Bail Bonds. Contact us to get started.


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