Home Remodeling in Carmel: What Needs to Be Done

When homeowners decide that it’s time for Home Remodeling in Carmel, they often think of the most frequently used rooms first. New counters in the kitchen, new tile in the bathroom, and new floors in the hallways can all certainly help to increase a home’s comfort and its property value. However, it’s important not to forget about the exterior of the home. Showing off a beautiful new kitchen sink to guests or attempting to sell a house whose interior has been fully gutted and remodeled will be a lot harder if shingles are falling off the roof and the siding is sagging. Below are a few signs it’s time to give the exterior of a home the attention it deserves.

Faded or Damaged Shingles

Even if the roof is not yet suffering from the practical effects of damaged shingles, bald spots and discoloration certainly do nothing to increase a home’s curb-appeal. Hiring a roofing contractor to repair any damage and replace aging shingles can give an old home a new lease on life.

Sagging Siding

When remodeling the exterior of a home, take a look at the siding. If it looks like it has seen better days, it probably has. Sagging boards and cracks are clear indicators that it needs to be replaced, but if the intent is to improve a home’s aesthetics and its property value, it’s also worth noting that discoloration occurs to siding as well. If the sun has bleached some areas of the home or moss and lichen growth has been plaguing the shadier areas, replacing the siding across the board will drastically improve the home’s appearance.

New Gutters

Even if the old gutters are still performing their job adequately, they may stand out like a sore thumb once the siding has been replaced, the trim has been painted, and the roof has been repaired. It’s important to pay attention to detail to achieve the overall look desired.

Homeowners can trust the experienced contractors at Amos Exteriors Inc for exterior Home Remodeling in Carmel. Interested in giving an old home a new lease on life? Call today for a free inspection, and just mention to the contractor that the intention is to perform as much work as necessary to restore the exterior of the home to like-new condition.


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