Hit by a Drugged Driver? Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Charles, IL

It’s horrifying for a person, when they see a car speeding down the highway in the wrong direction. It’s even more terrifying if the car is heading straight for them. On a crowded road there are very few ways to avoid being hit. The person managed to survive the crash, but was left with many serious injuries. If the person was driving under the influence of narcotic painkillers, then they were negligent. They are liable for damages to pay for the injured person’s medical bills, lost wages, emotional trauma and pain and suffering. The injured person should hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in St Charles IL as soon as possible.

They won’t be filing a claim with the individual driving the car, but with their insurance company. Insurance companies have many people on their staff, who will do their best to reject the claim. That’s how insurance companies make their huge profits. They collect large premiums from drivers and then try to pay out as few claims as possible. The personal injury lawyer will know how to file the claim so that the insurance company will have to take it seriously. He will carefully document the circumstances of the crash and the drugged condition of the driver when it occurred. He will carefully show how the accident changed the health status of his client. Numerous spinal injuries make it impossible for him to return to work and support his family.

The insurance company will not be able to completely reject the damages claim filed by the Personal Injury Lawyer in St Charles IL. They will have to agree that their client caused the accident and was negligent. However, they may argue that the injuries are not as severe as the patient claims. They may also contend that he can go back to work. They will offer a much lower settlement. The injured person’s lawyer will counter with more expert witnesses. If necessary he will threaten to take them to court.

The Cosentino Law Firm is one of the companies that represent injured drivers in Illinois. People who need their services can find them on Facebook and learn more about filing a claim and recovering damages.


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