Hiring movers or move yourself; the pros and cons

Regardless of how it is accomplished moving is nerve wracking and expensive. If you are faced with moving you need to decide from the beginning if it is something you want to tackle yourself or leave it in the hands of professional Washington DC movers. Both options have pros and cons, whether you decide to go it alone or hire pros depends on such things as time, money, distance and more.

Questions that only you can answer:
There are a few basic questions that you should ask yourself.
*Is time or money the most important issue?
*Can you set aside the time to pack, load; transport, unload and unpack?
*Do you have reliable friends that you can count on to help?
*Do you have valuables such as a wine or fine art collection?

Time: If your time frame is limited then professionals are by far the best option. The moving company has everything, there is no need for you to go looking for boxes, a truck; people and then dismantle what won’t fit as assembled. Washington DC movers do this for a living; they are simply faster and better.

Money: There is no doubt that a DIY move is cheaper. Perhaps you should consider a hybrid arrangement, you do all the packing, leaving the loading and transport to the pros.

What do you have to move? If you have extremely delicate items such as antiques or heirlooms then professionals are far better at doing this than you will be. Moving companies have a wealth of different packing materials at their disposal and the crew is skilled at using it. If your valuables need protection then it will be far less costly and lass nerve wracking in the long run to hire the best.

Making the choice between using professional Washington DC movers and doing it yourself can often mean combining options. When you have a company rep come to your home do not hesitate discussing less costly options but still leaving the important part in the hands of pros.


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