Hiring for Moving Day? 6 Questions to Ask Furniture Movers

Hiring dodgy movers could lead to missing, damaged or lost belongings. Keep your belongings safe by exercising caution when you pick a hiring service. Here are a few questions you’ll want to ask before you say yes to furniture movers in Santa Clarita:

Do you have a license?

Always check if the company and its crews are licensed before you pick a company. Make sure the license covers state to state or long-distance moves in case your new address is in another state.

How long have you been in business?

There’s simply no substitute for years of experience in the field. Do a bit of a background check and look up the company’s history. A spotty record should be enough to warn you away. A good record and reputation for delivering quality and on-time results, on the other hand, are a good thing.

Have you won any awards?

Awards, especially those given by peers, are a good indication that the hiring company is legit and a good option to go for.

Do you have a BBB rating?

High ratings from the BBB are another sign that you’re getting a reputable team of furniture movers in Santa Clarita for moving day. Poor ratings, though, mean you’ll need to go look for help elsewhere.

What do the rates include?

Always check what the company’s rate includes. Don’t assume that a service is part of the standard rate. By studying the rates, you’ll know if you’re incurring extra charges and paying for more than you should. For instance, do they charge higher on weekends? Will you save money if you move to another weekday? Find out, says the Huffington Post.

Do you measure entrances?

An experienced moving crew will always measure doorways, stairways and elevators to ensure the furniture will fit when they start moving those out of your old home and into your new one.


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