Hiring A Slip And Fall Injury Lawyer in Washington, PA To Prove The Owner’s Accountability

The establishment of liability is the determining factor in a lawsuit for a slip and fall-based accident. These premises liabilities do not guarantee that the victim will receive compensation for their injuries in all cases. The circumstances the accident itself will provide this distinction and not without viable evidence to support the claim. If you were a victim of a premise’s liability, you should contact Business Name to speak to a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer immediately.

Common Sense and the Would-be Victim

Fixtures in stores and shopping centers were installed into these establishments for vital reasons. For example, drainage grates are known to be installed into public restrooms and other areas in which water is used to clean the area or items stored in these sections. It is not the responsibility of the owner of the store or premise to ensure that visitors do not trip, fall, or become injured due to these installations. It is a common sense notion that they will be in these areas, and that it is up to the visitor to watch where they step to avoid injury in these instances.

Building Maintenance and Notification

At any time that a publicly accessible location is undergoing renovations, it is necessary for the owner to place notifications throughout areas to prevent unwarranted access to restricted areas. They are required to place signs in these areas to prevent visitors from becoming injured. If an injury occurs in any areas in which notifications were not placed, the victim can use for compensation for their injuries.

Conditions Required in a Premises Liabilities Case

Among the primary focuses of these cases it is necessary to prove one of the following conditions existed. First, the owner of the property or an employee working within the establishment must have possessed knowledge of the affected area and the hazard that caused the accident. They had knowledge and choose not to correct it, or the conditions of the establishment presented a hazard that any reasonable individual performing maintenance would have discovered it without great difficulty.

Premises liabilities require strict guidelines for proving that the owner is accountable. It requires the existence of specific circumstances in which the owner or a worker employed by the company had previous knowledge. If you were injured in a publicly accessible area due to a safety failure, you should contact a slip and fall injury lawyer in Washington, PA immediately.


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