Hire Wedding Video Services in Lexington KY For Lasting Memories

Your wedding day is the beginning of a wonderful adventure with your significant other. The big day is something you prepare for with great anticipation. The excitement of getting dressed in a beautiful gown and walking down the aisle while all eyes are on you. The reception with the beautiful flowers, music and dancing. Don’t miss even one special moment of the big day. Get Wedding video services in Lexington KY to capture every precious minute.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine what video is worth! You will have every word and every moment captured on video to view over and over. Play that video at your 50th wedding anniversary party! Start with the bridal party gathered in their preparation room. Video the groom and groomsmen enjoying a moment together. Capture the parents of the bride and groom. Everything from the processional to the candle lighting to the “I Do’s” can be recorded on a disc for you to enjoy whenever you want. How about the first kiss as husband and wife or the bride and groom in their first dance or cutting their cake? Make it really personal by taping the guests individually saying their congratulations. Anything you can think of you want to record for a keepsake moment your photographer can tape in a way that is beautiful and sentimental.

Wedding video services in Lexington KY can offer you different camera angles so nothing is hidden from view. They can give you stationary cameras for a more formal, professional look as well as manned cameras to move around for more of a home movie feel that is intimate. With this professional service, you will not have to worry about your family members catching everything on their video cameras. The photographer will have the ability to move around and the professional experience to create the perfect video of your dreams. They can even create several DVDs and/or Blu-Rays for other family members as well.

Visit Website of your local wedding photographer and check out their wedding video services. Give them a call to discuss your plan for the perfect video and everything you would like taped. They will work with you to create a lasting memory for all to enjoy anytime!


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