Hazardous Location Lighting – Keeping it Safe

Do you work in areas where dust is sometimes a problem? Perhaps you work near propane tanks or flammable materials. In some workplaces, you need special protection from fire and explosion hazards, and your tools should contain safety features to protect you. This is especially important when it comes to lighting. Hazardous location lighting is essential to your personal safety and the safety of those near you. Here are some helpful lighting tips to make sure you get home safely from work each day.

Choose the Right Lights

If you need safety rated lights, buying the cheapest products you can find to save money is not a good idea. This could result in disaster. It’s best to buy lights rated “explosion-proof” because these lights give you maximum protection. Also, only lights approved and tested by trusted agencies are acceptable. Look for organizations like Underwriters Laboratory (UL) or the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). You can trust these agencies for safety and reliability.

Standard Lights

Be careful with standard lights on the job. Never use them near sources of fire or explosion, even if it’s only for a few minutes. If your lights are unsafe, it only takes a second or so to create a hazard.

Inspect Your Lights

Even the best hazardous location lighting can get damaged. Make sure to check plugs often. Look for signs of damage or wear. Also, never unplug your lights with the power on. This can create a spark at the electrical outlet, which could ignite a fire.

Follow Instructions

Read all the information that comes with your hazardous location lighting products. Make sure to follow all instructions and do not use the lights for other purposes. For example, don’t remove any guards or special features or you could defeat the purpose of having safety lights.


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