Have Your Sensitive Teeth Treated Through a Dental Group in Hawaii

Sensitive teeth can be difficult to deal with, causing different types of pain sensations. People often experience increased sensitivity when they bite down, eat sweets or experience temperature changes. Though there are special toothpaste and mouth rinses a person can purchase to help their sensitive teeth issues at home, these are not always effective. Thankfully, the dentist will be able to treat patients and help stop pain sensations. Through a dental group in Hawaii, patients can finally feel relief.

To treat a person’s sensitive teeth, the dentist will first fully examine the patient to determine what may be causing the nerve sensations. Sensitive teeth can often be caused by cavities. Cavities can allow the nerve to become exposed which can cause increased sensitivity in the tooth. The dentist will examine the tooth and then take X-rays to determine how deep the cavity runs.

Repairing the cavity will normally stop any sensitivity and pain once the tooth heals. The dentist will remove the damaged areas and will then fill the tooth with a special filling material so the tooth is sealed and the pain is no longer occurring. If the pain does not stop, the dentist may need to carry out a root canal procedure to completely stop the pain.

Root canals can be carried out to stop the progression of pain and damage. Through the root canal, the dentist works on the inner areas of the tooth and can even remove the nerve if the patient cannot find pain relief.

If the dentist does not feel the patient is suffering from a cavity or damage, the person may be suffering from increased erosion of the enamel. This erosion can occur as a person ages and is caused by the acidic foods and beverages people eat and drink. The dentist can treat the teeth with Fluoride to help increase the strength of the enamel so the pain and sensitivity can be stopped.

Those who are in need of dental services should contact a Dental Group in Hawaii. For more information, people can visit websiteThrough this site, people can learn more about the dental services that are available so they can make an informed decision for their care.


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