Have You Considered Studying at Rhema Bible College?

Providing a terrific selection of degree programs, all of which can be studied flexibly in order to fit in with other commitments, a growing number of people are finding that Rhema Bible Training Center is an excellent solution to their learning needs.  Not only does each degree program feature Bible teachings and practical application of the Christian faith, each course is specifically designed to be user-friendly and accessible.

Rhema Bible Training College Provides Part-Time Degree Courses

If you’ve already got a significant number of commitments, it can seem as if studying for further qualifications is almost impossible.  We provide a selection of top quality courses, many of which can be undertaken entirely online or one evening a week at our Rhema College Campus in Broken Arrow.  For anyone struggling to juggle study with employment or other responsibilities, a part-time degree course can work quite well.

Rhema Bible College Courses in Many Different Subjects

We offer degrees in four main study areas:  Biblical Leadership; Business Leadership; Business Administration; and Human and Family Services.  Each course of study prepares learners for fresh career challenges and opportunities.  No matter what degree is undertaken, students can be confident of enjoying easy access to knowledgeable, supportive tutors, a flexible learning style that allows every student the time they need to fully understand their course, and reasonable fees that include the cost of study materials.

Join the Rhema Bible College Alumni

Alumni play a vital role in the continued success of Rhema Bible College and we look forward to seeing as many students as possible continue to take an interest in us and our activities post-graduation.  There are plenty of opportunities for alumni to take part in activities which benefit the University, as well as the chance to give back in order to allow other learners success in their time with us.  To find out more about our exceptional courses and supportive spiritually uplifting student provision.


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