Has Your Disability Claim Been Denied? Here Are 4 Reasons Why

Social Security disability benefits in Waukegan are crucial if you’re out of work and disabled. Though these benefits have significant effects on a claimant’s quality of life, obtaining them is a complicated process. Some applicants are denied disability benefits even when their conditions are well-documented, and we’ll explain some reasons for the denial.

Insufficient Evidence

The SSA (Social Security Administration) will request documentation of your disability and its effects on your ability to work. It’s important to be forthright with your doctor, as medical records are one of the only ways to document your disability. It may also help to show how many workdays you’ve missed because of your condition.

Not Following Treatment Instructions

You must follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations to receive Social Security disability benefits in Waukegan. If you fail to do so, the SSA examiner can’t determine that you’re unable to work. Follow the treatment plan and document progress if you can.

Previous Denials

If you were denied benefits in the past, you’ll have to file an appeal. Filing new claims after an initial denial will likely lead to additional denials. Consult a disability lawyer if you’ve been denied Social Security disability benefits, as an attorney will help you properly utilize the evidence you’ve gathered.

Making Too Much

The Social Security Administration only gives benefits to those who’ve proven their inability to work. If your income exceeds a certain figure, your claim may be denied. Speak with a lawyer if you’re uncertain about your income threshold.

Understanding the Appeals Process

Though most disability claims are initially denied, it’s possible to file an appeal. A disability lawyer will give you the best possible chance of recovering your Social Security disability benefits in Waukegan. Call the firm of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. Or visit us at RabinssLaw.com to schedule a consultation.


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