Harper’s Hurricane Protection and Screen Enclosures

With the recent season of hurricanes hitting the Florida coast as a prime example, there is a great need for hurricane protection for homes and properties in these areas. Hurricane Irma cost Floridians approximately $50 billion in damages. However, this was actually only about a quarter of estimated damage costs, and a large part of this is due to precautions taken by residents and structural protection such as hurricane impact windows and hurricane shutters.

Why Safeguard Your Windows?

The windows and doors of your home are the weakest points in its structure. Windows are especially vulnerable to storm damage since they are made from glass. Even the thickest, sturdiest windows are susceptible to damage from hurricane-force winds. Once your windows are compromised, you can count on further damage to the interior of your home, your belongings and much more.

When Should You Fortify Your Windows?

For most people who live in hurricane-prone regions, preparing begins as soon as you settle into your home. Though seasons are fairly predictable, the number and severity of storms they will bring each year is not. The warning given by weather services is typically less than two weeks, often much closer to a few days. This may not be enough time to prepare, so homeowners in Florida and other coastal areas are advised to take precautions far in advance when storms aren’t an immediate concern.

Serving the areas of Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda, FL, Harper’s specializes in hurricane protection, home improvement, and repair. We provide coastal consumers with all manner of storm season safeguards, including hurricane impact windows, screen enclosures and more. Homes in the path of hurricanes are especially vulnerable to weather damage, and the experts at Harper’s know what it takes to keep your property safe and sturdy. A licensed contractor in business since 1980, our goal is both protecting and enhancing your home. Safe can also be supremely beautiful! Contact us today to see how. Free estimate available!

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