Half Leg Waxing and Other Wax Treatments Available at a Day Spa

It’s common for spa clients to want a Half Leg Waxing treatment instead of having hair removed from the entire leg. This service removes hair from the foot up to the knee or just above the knee. It can include waxing the toes if the client believes there is too much hair evident there. Many people feel the hair on the upper legs is much less noticeable than the hair on the lower legs, and it tends to be finer and to lay flat. The lower-leg service often is done in combination with a bikini line wax.

Other options include a full-leg wax or a treatment known as the Brazilian, which removes hair from the waist down to the feet. People who opt for the Brazilian enjoy the smooth feeling of being hairless and the elimination of any inconvenience with trimming hair around tiny bikinis, high-cut swimming suits, or thongs. A slightly different technique is known as the partial Brazilian, which leaves a small decorative area of hair.

Half Leg Waxing may be done with applications known as strip waxing and hot wax. Strip waxing uses warm material and is especially useful for removing hair from relatively large areas, but it has the downside of being quite uncomfortable during the removal process. The practitioner places a cloth into the wax material and pulls it away from the skin to remove the hair. In contrast, hot wax is applied over oil, which allows it to stick to hair while not adhering to skin. The practitioner removes this wax by hand. The method is better for more sensitive parts of the body.

People who decide to have these types of treatments done at a facility such as S Salon and Day Spa commonly set appointments at specific times of the year. The most common time is just before summer, when many people will start donning shorts, skirts, and swimwear. The wax treatment has relatively long-lasting effects, so it’s a great way to avoid having to shave regularly. People also are likely to schedule an appointment before leaving on a trip to a southern realm when the weather is cold.


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