Great Reasons to Get an Outdoor LED Screen for Your Signage

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Business


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Boosting consumer traffic is a constant concern for many entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for a way to get more customers to the door, then putting up a LED screen might just be the signage solution you need.


Attract Consumer Interest

An outdoor LED screen is more likely to attract customers, even from a distance, says Tom at TJG Digital Signs. Flashing lights along with videos hook consumer interest much better than static words or images on a billboard. Even if they’re just strolling along, customers can see your sign a good distance away and will take the chance of walking into your place of business.


Flexible Content

In the past, you had to constantly change your outdoor signage if you wanted to put up information on new items on your inventory or menu or if you were having a sale. With a LED screen, you won’t have to anymore. You can easily adjust the content to fit the new season or the whims of your customers, says Digital Signage Today. If you need to take out an item from the menu or get a new promotional offer out, it’s simple and easy to make those changes.


Range of Content Types

You can choose from different content types. This gives you the perfect opportunity to find the most effective way to get your messaging across to your target market. By playing around with different content formats, you can figure out which ones draw positive responses from your customers.


Long-Term Benefits

The initial cost of a LED screen can set you back more than traditional signage solutions. However, the long-term benefits you get—easy content management—and the resulting cost-savings from that more than make up for it in the long run.
Don’t let bad signage hurt your business. Improve consumer traffic to your shop or restaurant with LED signage.

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