Great Paying Healthcare Jobs That Only Require A Certification

Not that many years ago, hospital employees were mostly either doctors or nurses who spent years attending school in order to be trained to achieve their positions.  These days there are many jobs in the health care field that pay well and you can get them by taking fast healthcare certification courses.  Some you can train for in as little as five or ten weeks of study.  Not only that, you will have gotten a great start on a career and there are options such as hospitals, clinics, ambulance companies and doctors’ offices.

EKG/ECG Technicians are Always in Demand

Electrocardiograph technicians are usually found working in the cardiology departments of hospitals or in cardiologist’s offices.  Their duties mainly include the administering of stress tests on patients, monitoring blood pressure and assessing other tests results that have been ordered by a physician.  The primary duty is, of course, performing EKG testing which actually shows a patient’s heart rhythm on a strip of paper.  The median salary per year is $35,000 to $40,000.

Sterile Processing Technician is a Demanding Job

A sterile processing technician is the person who cleans and sterilizes used operating instruments after they have been used in the operating room.  This can be a demanding and stressful position as you will hold part of the responsibility for patients’ safety during an operation.  This field is expected to have steady growth of employment by 20% over the next few years which mean job prospects are good.  The beginning salary is approximately $32,000 a year.  If you are considering a career in the healthcare field, Altamont Healthcare provides classes the EKG and Sterile Tech field.  They offer training that can prepare you in just a few short weeks.  Visit their website at  to see all the exciting possibilities that are open to you.


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