If your car is in need of repairs, you can either take it to a mechanic or to the dealership where you first purchased it. Most dealers feature a fully staffed repair shop that offers many different types of services and repairs. While mechanics may be able to handle some repairs, they may not be able to do everything. This is especially true with certain makes and models of vehicles that use unique parts. Here are a few reasons as to why going to a dealership for your automotive repair is ideal.

Authentic Parts

Many people prefer working with a dealership instead of a generic mechanic because the dealers have access to authentic parts made by the manufacturer. Mechanics may not always be able to purchase these parts, or they may use generic parts designed to fit multiple vehicles. These parts may not exactly fit your vehicle because of this discrepancy. Using parts that are not made by the original manufacturer may also affect your warranty. For the most part, aftermarket parts aren’t held to the same high standards that manufacturers enforce.

Trained Mechanics Familiar with the Vehicles

Some mechanics simply do not know how to work on certain brands, makes, or models of vehicles. Others might only be able to handle basic automotive repair for certain vehicles. The dealership, on the other hand, features highly trained professionals that are very versatile. You can rest assured with the knowledge that you’re leaving your car in the hands of a trustworthy, educated professional.

These automotive repair experts are also required to take training courses regularly, so that they are aware of the most recent changes in terms of vehicle components. These training sessions prepare them to work on new models and they introduce new pieces of equipment that make working on older vehicles much easier. For more information visit Saybrookford.com. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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