Going Green with Waste Disposal and Recycling in New Bedford MA

In order to embrace reducing, reusing and recycling in New Bedford MA on your home improvement or job site project, many things can be done. According to the experts, whether using reclaimed building materials, purchasing products with recycled content or keeping as much of the construction waste from the landfill, here is a list of the things of the things that you should consider reducing, reusing and recycling once you have started your project.

Avoid Using Wasteful Building Materials

Due to short lifespan, low costs and the limited potential of reusing or recycling in New Bedford MA, some popular building products on the market like asphalt shingles account for a high percentage of the construction waste generated. Avoid using such building materials when possible and select greener, long-lasting alternatives.

Reusing Old Materials

Window and door casings, trim and lumber can be reused when carefully removed. Reusing them is especially handy when having significant additions or remodeling that will require deconstructing before building things back up again.

Construction Waste Recycling in New Bedford MA

About 85% of the deconstruction and construction waste sent to landfills is reusable in various forms. If you cannot find the use of having something, but think it has great potential, look for somebody who can. Hire firms that specialize in re-selling, recycling and reclaiming used building products. Most of the firms will even pay you to get rid of the waste materials.

Using Reclaimed Building Products

If your home design is flexible, you can make use of some of the reclaimed building materials available out there. You can purchase such products from retailers specializing in recycling and reclaiming of old building products. Additionally, using the reclaimed products will also save you plenty of money.

Using Products Manufactured from Recycled Content

You can purchase building products that have recycled content including cellulose insulation made from recycled cardboard and paper, recycled content carpet or recycled plastic lumber for porches and decks. Choosing such materials helps reduce the amount of waste in landfills and reduce the energy required to manufacture “virgin” products.

When thinking green about building products, get in touch with ABC Disposal Service Inc, the experts in recycling in New Bedford MA. ABC Disposal offers recycling programs designed with your project requirements in mi


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