Go Out and Play! Enjoy Life in Gorgeous Shingle Springs, California

Shingle Springs, California is a great place to live; plenty of fresh air, pine trees, and the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it’s four-wheeling, mountain biking, horseback riding, or boating in Lake Tahoe, the Gold Country foothills are the place to enjoy it all.

It’s very likely your favorite outdoor sport also requires a trailer of some sort, whether that’s a horse trailer, boat trailer or an open trailer for hauling your ATV. To travel safely along the twisty, winding, hairpin turns of this mountainous region, your trailer needs to be in top form.

Regular trailer service in Shingle Springs can include making sure your wheel bearings and tires are in good shape, as well as ensuring your electrical systems are functioning properly. If your turn signals or brake lights don’t work, that could easily lead to an accident. Likewise, a tire blow-out on a mountain road can lead to disaster.

The warm weather months up in the mountains are the time to get out and play, and you shouldn’t let a broken trailer stop you. It’s important to play it safe when you are towing your toys on the road, and having your trailer serviced in Shingle Springs is easier, and less expensive, than you might think.

Whether it’s boating, horseback riding, or four-wheeling, get out, and enjoy life! The beautiful Sierras and Lake Tahoe are just waiting for you.

Based in Placerville, Vintage Transport is a trailer service for Shingle Springs you can trust. Visit us to know more.


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