Glass Showers for the Perfect Bathroom

Many people dream of creating the perfect bath in Pittsburgh, and a popular option for modern renovations and bathroom constructions is the addition of a glass shower. They are elegant, modern, attractive, and can actually help boost the value of your home!

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Glass is more than just the hard, clear material in your windows; there are many different styles of glass that are commonly used in bathroom design, and you have many choices available:

  • Clear Glass- clear tempered glass is durable and more shatter resistant than normal glass, making it perfect for glass shower enclosures.
  • Frosted Glass- an option that is durable and elegant while also providing some privacy this is one of the most common types of glass used in bathrooms today.
  • Patterned Glass- this glass can be clear or frosted but it has interesting patterns and designed etched into it, making it a wonderfully creative addition to any bathroom décor.
  • Blocks- block walls are becoming more and more popular in Pittsburgh and many other areas and are finding their way into bathroom wall designs today.
  • Doors- shower enclosures can be solid on all sides, and a glass door still gives it a more modern feel and helps brighten the shower area by allowing more light in.
  • Mirrors- these are a great way to add a finishing touch to the shower enclosure, and a stunning mirror inside the shower or directly outside the enclosure is a nice finishing touch to add!

More Than a Bathroom

To discover everything glass can do for you in your bathroom remodeling and décor projects and to see all of the options that are available to you, visit us today at Come see how great your bathroom can look and how inviting your bath in Pittsburgh can be with the addition of a stunning glass shower enclosure!


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