Give Your Truck A New Look With 8 Lug Wheels

Trucks and SUVs have come a long way from practical, work-type vehicles to vehicles that are fully customized and used for daily commutes, for driving around the city, and of course for getting out in the country as well. With these vehicles, upgrading to new 8 lug wheels can give your truck a completely new look without a lot of cost.

It is important to consider your options with 8 lug wheels that are replacing stock or OEM wheels. You will be able to size up, often up a couple of sizes, without a significant amount of additional work. This is a great way to give your truck a little more height and to also give it a more substantial look on the road that is more in keeping with a passenger vehicle rather than a work type of truck.

Making the Sizing Choice

If you are choosing 8 lug wheels that are the same size as those currently on your vehicle, you will have little to do in the way of additional measuring. However, if you are sizing up, you have to know the current:

  • Width of the wheel
  • The diameter of the wheel
  • The backspacing on the wheel

You will also have to know the current tire that is on the rim and measure the distance between the tire and wheel well to the front and back when the tires are straight. Also, check to make sure how much room you have when the tires are turned to both sides. This ensures that when you size up with the 8 lug wheels you don’t have to worry about rubbing even in extreme turning conditions.

Shopping Around

Once you have that information available, you can start to consider your options. Narrowing down your choices to the manufacture and the colors and finishes you like will be important as if you are looking for 22, 24, 26, 28 or 30-inch 8 lug wheels you will find you have a large selection.

One consideration with these larger 8 lug wheels is the open or closed face design. Open designs are easier to clean and maintain, while the closed face designs, particularly with a chrome or mirror type of finish, are going to be harder to keep clean if you do a lot of country driving or on rough roads.

For unique options, you may want to consider the black with different colors on the spokes. Traditional favorites such as black, chrome, silver and two color options are also great, and these 8 lug wheels really can make a big impact on the look of your truck.


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