Getting The Optimal Thread Grinding Service

While grinding itself may seem like a basic type of operation, precision grinding, including thread grinding, is a very exacting process. Incorrect types of calibrations and even the use of the wrong equipment can result in poor quality of final product, delays in the order, and complications once the pieces arrive at the worksite.

The key to correct thread grinding is having the most up to date equipment for the specific job requirement. When companies are constantly upgrading to the latest in technology and equipment, it is a good sign that professional service, quality and providing orders to specifications is a priority for the company.

The Equipment

As a customer of a thread grinding company, paying attention to the type of equipment they use will have an impact on your bottom line. When the best match between the job and the equipment on hand is available, this will help to keep costs down for the order.

Costs can be kept down because of less waste, less time and shorter set-up, all resulting in decreased costs. However, you don’t have to be an expert on CNC machining, just ask a few different companies and you will soon begin to recognize the names.

It is also a great idea to look at the company website. Most of the top companies offering thread grinding services will provide information about the equipment they use, including any upgrades they are making to the CNC machining systems in use.

Work With You

Another essential consideration with any CNC grinding company is how “user-friendly” the company is to customers. This is similar to customer service, but it also speaks to the ability of the company to handle thread profiles and convert them directly into machine code.

In other words, when a customer emails the thread grinding service with an order and attaches a .dxf thread profile, the grinding company has the ability to convert this immediately into the necessary language for the CNC machine to create the exact thread required.

Another sign of a top company offering these specialized grinding services is that they are always there with their experts and expertise. A top company doesn’t just want to fill an order; they want to satisfy a customer. This could include suggesting cost saving alternatives for thread grinding or adjusting tolerances to help to alleviate what may be very high production prices.

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