Getting Same Day Dental Implants in St. Charles IL

The smile and mouth are usually the first things people look at when they meet another person. With words, people communicate with others. The expression of the mouth may portray your mood. It is, therefore, essential for a person’s existence and social life.

Within our mouth, among other things, there are well-known structures called teeth. In adults, the number is 32 if wisdom teeth or third molars are counted. Each group of teeth has a specific function in relation to food: incisors but, canines tear, and premolars and molars grind. Besides this, teeth have a great importance on aesthetics.

Unfortunately many are missing one or more teeth, either by decay, by periodontal disease (pyorrhea) or trauma. These “mutilations” cause masticatory function and / or aesthetics to be adversely affected in a greater or lesser degree. Formerly the replacement of missing teeth was made through dental prostheses of different types: removable gum bases and hooks, removable or fixed dentures, etc. Today there is another alternative: Same Day Dental Implants in St. Charles IL.

Dental implants function like artificial roots to support the missing teeth. In principle, anyone with the absence of some or all of their teeth is a candidate to receive implants knowing that there are alternatives such as removable partial dentures, whether conventional, removable or fixed. Implants are perfect for a full toothless person who has problems with their complete dentures either because they are unstable or they create problems when eating, talking, laughing, and kissing; or for other reasons like nausea or psychological disability. This is an indication that a prosthetic implant can be used. Browse website to get more details.

An over-denture is a removable denture stabilized by several implants. Other important indications are for people who do not want to wear a “hook” prosthesis or when there are intermediate holes. The first contraindication of Same Day Dental Implants in St. Charles IL is that the patient has unrealistic expectations about the procedure. Therefore, it is necessary that the dentist seriously inform the patient of all the problems and limitations the patient may have. Fox River Periodontics can help return smiles to their former glory.


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