Getting Help with Roofing in Gig Harbor

Whether a person is a homeowner or a commercial business person, he or she wants to be able to get help if a need should arise with the roofing structure. The roof is integral to protecting the integrity of the structure it is placed on. There are contractors who will provide help with residential or commercial Roofing in Gig Harbor. Here are some circumstances when people may need a roofing contractor.

Signs of Needing Roofing Repair or Replacement

When a roof is placed on a building, it is hoped that it will last 20 to 30 years, as has been the life expectancy of most roofs. Unfortunately, there are things and circumstances that come up which will cause the roof to need repair or even replacing sooner. For example, natural disasters, such as a major storm, can occur that will most likely require the entire roof to be replaced. In addition, there are more common signs to look for that may determine a need for repair or replacement.

Specific Signs of the Roof Needing Attention

The most obvious signs that people look for when the roof will need to be repaired or replaced are when they see leaks occurring in the structure. Signs such as light coming in through the roofing boards in the attic or dark, wet spots on the ceiling in the home or business are indicators that moisture has set in and the roof needs attention. The signs of shingles missing or filling up the gutters with shingle granules also indicate the need for repair or replacement.

Other Signs of a Roof Needing Attention

If a person notices ponding water on a roof, this will become a major problem later on, and it indicates that the roof might have been installed poorly. Ponding water leads to eventual moisture in the roofing structure and leaks. A roofer will need to be called right away.

A Roofing Contractor Who Can Help

Hanley Construction has been providing roofing and gutter solutions for customers in the Gig Harbor area for more than three decades. Whatever roofing needs exist, the company provides answers to residential and commercial customers. Any persons needing a contractor for Roofing in Gig Harbor can visit the website of the contractor at


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