Getting By During an Air Conditioning Repair in Gainesville FL

As many homeowners understand all too well, an Air Conditioning Repair in Gainesville FL rarely becomes necessary on a day that happens to sport low humidity and balmy temperatures. More often, the day will be among the hottest on record. While the repair specialist is diligently working to get the system up and running again, there are some things the homeowner can do to keep cool. Here are some tips.

Dress for Hot WeatherSince the homeowner is at home, there is no reason why he or she cannot dress for warm weather. Pull out the swimsuit and consider that the attire for the day. Fewer layers of clothing will make it all the easier to enjoy whatever breeze happens to be stirring, and also allow the body to perspire with greater ease. Create a Cross BreezeAir stirring in the home will help make things a little more bearable during that Air Conditioning Repair in Gainesville FL.

Open windows in a pattern that helps to pull air into the house and allow it to escape through opposing windows. This process can be helped by placing fans near windows to help draw air in, while positioning other fans to push air out of the other windows. While not ideal, the circulating air will help keep things a little more comfortable. Cold Washcloths A time honored trick for dealing with a lack of air conditioning is to place a wet washcloth in the freezer for a little while. Once it is almost frozen, take it out and drape it across the back of the neck. The sense of cool will make it much easier to continue taking care of household chores.

Remember to keep several washcloths in the freezer at the same time, so it will be easy to pull out a fresh one when needed. Keep in mind that calling Charles Berg Enterprises will ensure that a technician is dispatched to the home as soon as possible. In the interim, try these tips for keeping relatively cool. With a little luck, the problem with the air conditioning system will be minor and the unit will be up and running again in no time. You can visit them on Facebook or Twitter.


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