Getting Advice From a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Wichita

When it seems like every other strategy for regaining control of personal finances has been tried and failed, it is not unusual for debtors to feel bankruptcy is the only option. At that point, there are often a lot of questions about how bankruptcy works and who can qualify for this type of action. This is where working with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Wichita will make a difference.

Scheduling a Consultation Before any type of action can be filed with the court, it pays to schedule a consultation with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Wichita. The goal is to provide the attorney with all the information that has to do with the current load of debts, as well as the assets held by the client. With the information in hand, the attorney can provide advice that helps the client make a decision. The first order of business is to determine if the client meets the criteria for filing for this type of bankruptcy in Kansas. If that is the case, the attorney will provide information on how the process of bankruptcy proceeds.

The attorney will focus on what a bankruptcy could mean for the assets held by the client and explain working with a court appointed trustee to oversee the process. Looking at Other Options Even if the client does meet the basic qualifications for this kind of a bankruptcy action, the attorney will spend some time discussing alternatives. The goal is to make sure the client has all the information needed to make an informed decision.

If the discussion leads to the conclusion that filing for Chapter 7 protection is the most practical way to resolve the debt, the attorney can begin the process of preparing the necessary documents. Before making any judgements on whether bankruptcy is the best solution, it pays to schedule an appointment with Business Name. Doing so will make it possible to learn what is involved, how bankruptcy works, and what sort of circumstances will result if the action is approved. With all the information in mind, the client will be ready to comply with the requirements set by the court, and eventually have the chance for that new beginning.


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