Getting A Great Deal On A Car

Whether with a new car or a used car, sooner or later almost everyone will have to replace their current vehicle. Visiting a car dealer in Bartlett does not have to be stressful, there is a very logical way to go about finding the ideal car for your specific needs; by following a rigid process you will certainly save money, get a very good deal and come away with a great car.

  • Always research before you shop:
    Long before you visit any car dealer in Bartlett you should have done your homework, spend time on the internet researching the car or cars that you have a particular interest in. When you are shopping for a car; new or used, “knowledge is power.” If you are considering a new car, look for the vehicle invoice price rather than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. If you are interested in a used car to find out what the average going price is in your area for a car similar to the one you have in mind. Knowing these two things give you a great deal of bargaining power.
  • Consider price, not monthly payments:
    It is not difficult to stretch out the term of the loan to reduce the payments to the point where you are comfortable with them. This is not the right way to shop for a car, do not focus on the payments; focus instead on the price of the vehicle and keep your payments to a maximum of 15 percent of your net monthly income over no more than four years.
  • Consider insurance costs and fees:
    There is more involved than just the price of a car, you also have to consider the cost of insurance and annual fees. Insurance and fees cannot be overlooked, check online for anticipated premiums and costs.

With research into the vehicles that are of interest to you, their prices and the cost of ownership, you will be in an excellent position when you get to a car dealer in Bartlett. Armed with this information you are in a great position to purchase a car that you can enjoy for many years.

If you are looking for a great car dealer in Bartlett, one that has an impressive inventory of new Ford vehicles as well as certified pre-owned and used vehicles, you will enjoy shopping at Hawk Ford of St. Charles or visit for more detail.


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