Get Your Vehicle’s Power Back With Auto Transmission Repair

Your automobile is a complex arrangement of mechanical parts that is often difficult to understand. One of the most complex components on your vehicle is the transmission. This is the device that transfers the engine’s horsepower to the wheels. A transmission is basically a gear box. This is a device that transfers input through a series of gears to get the desired output ratio. The net result is the ability to get more power out of the engine without the need to push that engine to its limits.

To keep your vehicle operating smoothly, you may need the occasional auto transmission repair. For instance, you may want the mechanic to drain the fluid and flush out the system to eliminate the buildup of gunk inside the transmission. This buildup comes from the slipping gears and internal clutches of the automatic transmission. It happens when the transmission fluid is low or dirty. Either condition can cause the internal hydraulic pressure of the automatic transmission to fall which results in a loss of power. As the driver, you may feel this loss as sluggish response to the gas pedal or the inability of the vehicle to pull itself up a hill.

Standard transmissions are generally more durable, but they will still need the occasional repair. In this case the problem is usually in the clutch. The clutch is the device that disengages the transmission from the engine. During release and engagement of the clutch a little of the clutch material wears off. Eventually, the clutch gets so worn that it can’t engage properly and begins to slip. You can adjust the play in the clutch pedal for a while, but sooner or later you will need to replace the clutch assembly.

At some point, your transmission will fail. Hopefully, it is thousands of miles in the future, but when it finally dies you will need to consider rebuilding it or replacing it. Most shops prefer using a factory rebuilt transmission because it is the easiest way to fix your car or truck. These transmissions are recycled from used ones with completely new seals, clutches and other parts that wear out. They are essentially a new transmission, only cheaper. If your vehicle is in need of Auto Transmission Repair, then it is time to contact Marysville Speed n’ Custom.


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