Get the Benefits: Seek the Services of a Child Support Attorney

Whether you are a single parent or currently going through a divorce, getting the financial support that you need to care for your kids is a top priority. When you’re looking to get something more than the state minimum, hiring a Child Support Attorney is advised. They have the necessary skills and knowledge about local child support laws to get you the funds that you need to adequately care for your children.

Filing Initial Applications

If you’ve never filed a child support suit before, you will need to fill out necessary paperwork with your local civil court. Sometimes, understanding all of the paperwork can be a bit complicated, which is why hiring an attorney is advised. They can help you in reviewing all the paperwork, collecting the necessary information to file, and also submit it to the court on your behalf.

Collect Back Support

If you currently have a child support case open but your ex hasn’t paid in a while, the amount owed can really add up. While the number continues to rise, the burden of caring for your children can really wear on your budget. Child support attorneys can file a claim on your behalf to schedule an enforcement hearing. Such hearings are scheduled to place strict consequences on the non-custodial parent to ensure that they pay in a timely manner.

Child support attorneys are not just good to have inside of the courtroom, but they can be a great asset outside of it as well. They can assist those couples that are divorcing or separating with assistance in coming to some form of agreement for child support. Finding a common ground for support payments is usually the best idea. This creates a more open environment between the co-parents and removes all tension and animosity.

Getting a Child Support Attorney to assist you in get getting support for your children is not to be taken lightly. You want a legal professional that has proper licenses, certifications, and a great deal of experience with family court laws in your state. When filing a case against the noncustodial parent on your own does not get the process running fast enough, contact the Law Office of Brassington Cynthia Ann for help.


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