Get Serious About Going to the Gyms in Manhattan

Almost anyone will tell you that the most difficult thing about establishing a regular workout routine is becoming committed to the schedule. Especially in the early weeks, it can be easy to lose motivation and stop your exercise program. While this problem is common, there are ways to help ensure you stay motivated and continue those trips to the gyms in Manhattan.

1. Schedule Your Workouts. One of the reasons many of us skip the gym is that we feel we don’t have time. Scheduling your workout like any other appointment on your calendar is a great way to help ensure you make it to the gym regularly. Another important aspect is scheduling those gym appointments during a time that is generally convenient. For example, don’t schedule gym appointments early in the morning if you regularly have early morning work meetings.

2. Set Small Goals. Reaching our goals is one of the biggest ways we motivate ourselves to keep moving forward. When you set only long term, big goals, you risk setting yourself up to fail because you don’t see the little “wins” you need to stay motivated. Setting big goals is great, because it helps us to visualize the body or fitness level we desire. But, don’t forget to set the little ones, too. Celebrate things like hitting the gym everyday in a week or losing those first five pounds.

3. Be Accountable. Tell someone about your commitment to hitting the gym, have a workout buddy, or hire a personal trainer. Any of these three actions makes you more accountable to stick to your fitness routine because someone else is watching.

With these three tips in mind, you should be ready to hit the gyms in Manhattan and tackle those fitness goals. Before you know it, you’ll have the body you’ve been dreaming of.


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