Get Rid Of What’t Biting You And Your Pet With Flea Extermination Services

Having a pet puts a homeowner at risk for a flea infestation, whether that pet is a dog, cat, guinea pig, or rabbit. All mammals, including humans, may be a host for fleas. Eradicating a home of pests such as fleas can be time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes fruitless. It is reported that flea bites and dermatological reactions associated with flea bites account for more than 50-percent of veterinary care and visits. In highly sensitive individuals, the bite of a flea leads to intense itching.

In order for Flea Extermination Services to be successful not only does the pet and home have to be treated, but typically the yard as well. The following is helpful information on fleas and treating and controlling infestations.

1. Flea Facts -; Fleas are tiny, almost impossible to see, wingless insects that feed on mammalian blood. A female flea lays about 50 eggs daily on their host (usually an animal). The eggs drop off and land on the carpet or wherever the pet predominantly tends to lie or sleep. Upon hatching, the flea larvae remain hidden in these areas surviving on adult flea droppings (dried blood). Before becoming adults the larvae go through a pupal stage for up to five months before emerging as adults. As adults, they spend the majority of their life on the host. The average female flea is capable of laying 500 eggs in its lifetime.

2. Finding a Host -; Fleas have amazing jumping abilities -; up to 1 foot, so catching a ride on a passing animal is fairly easy. Fleas prefer warm and humid conditions which provide an ideal breeding environment provided they are left alone.

3. Signs of Fleas -; Upon brushing the pet, small, black specks called “flea dirt” may be seen either in the brush or on the surface where the pet was standing. These are actually bits of dried blood and if smeared with a wet finger tip will leave a red smudge confirming it is blood. Observation of rice-like bits in the pet’s waste (tapeworm), excessive biting or scratching, with or without red, irritated patches of skin are other signs. Companies like Valley Inspections & Pests Inc can confirm their presence.

Fleas are tenacious insects and only proper Flea Extermination Services will thoroughly rid your home and pet of infestations. It is a precise process be performed by pest control professionals. Contacting them first will save you time, money, and frustration.


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