Get On the Green Dome Homes Trend: The Way of the Eco-Friendly Future

Green Dome Homes

Though it may sound fresh out of a hobbit story, green dome homes are growing in popularity. It isn’t necessarily due to the books, but with green roofs also gaining traction with personal homes, it was only a matter of time before this would take off.

Benefits of the Green Roof

Green roofs allow for plant life to exist in areas that would normally be covered in cement. This can be accomplished by opting to place plants on the roof, laying entire patches of lawn on the top of the building, or both. Green roofs can help insulate the home, particularly from direct sunlight in the summer. Providing natural habitat for local insects and birds can help your garden and flowers.

Benefits of the Dome Home

Domes are incredibly strong structures that are known to be energy efficient due in part to their shape. They also make it much easier to maintain a consistent climate within the home, and their structures have a higher success rate of withstanding hurricanes and other devastating storms. Geodesic domes proportionately get stronger as their size increases and are less expensive to construct since their design can compensate for using fewer materials.

What the Combination Does
The dome design working in tandem with the insulation properties of a green roof makes it simpler to keep a steady temperature within the home even with swinging temperatures outside. The increased strength is more durable in volatile weather, minimizing wear and future repair costs.

The increase of expressing individuality in home design makes this unique enough to stand out while still being familiar enough to be considered safe. Growing interest has made the production of these structures much more standardized than it was just a few years ago. This is an excellent time to get in on the trend, especially from an investment perspective.


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