Get Legal Aid When a Lemon Vehicle Makes Life Sour in Arizona

No one wants their vehicle to break down. This especially holds true in Arizona. You could find yourself stuck in unbearable heat, miles away from anyone else. If your car has quit on you more times than you can count, you might have bought a lemon. Fortunately for you, the Arizona Lemon Law could help you to make up for any losses you have experienced since you bought your problem vehicle.

Take a Good Look at Your Warranty

The federal government and the Arizona Lemon Law may mean you aren’t out of luck when it comes to a car that is more trouble than it’s worth. The first thing you need to do is get out any warranty information you were given at the time you purchased the car. A new car will have an extensive warranty that is supposed to be honored by the manufacturer within a certain time frame or amount of miles. Preowned cars typically give you a 30-day period under warranty from the dealership. Private sales do not offer you as much protection, but a used car may still meet the requirements for the warranty first issued when the vehicle was new.

Ask an Attorney About the Lemon Law

If you are not sure if your car is covered by the Arizona Lemon Law or not, let a Lemon Law expert assist you. Your attorney can do the research for you. The team at Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® is here for you.


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