Get Erectile Dysfunction Therapy Today, Seek Help in Santa Ana, CA

It is estimated that about 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction in the U.S. You may be wondering what they can do to help their issues, as many sufferers turn to prescription drugs and other more extreme options. However, ED therapy doesn’t have to be invasive. In fact, invasive treatments like acupuncture and surgery may not be as effective as newer options now readily available.

Traditional Approaches

Most doctors still focus on the more traditional approach to erectile dysfunction by prescribing drugs. There are three FDA-approved choices for doctors to consider, and most will prescribe all three before considering anything else. However, you have the right to be an active member in your healthcare journey, so you can tell your doctors you want to try something new.

Of course, surgery is usually the next step, which may require you to be bedridden for weeks; barely able to move or enjoy life for months. Plus, surgical procedures of any kind come with a variety of risks that you likely don’t want to deal with.

Get Diagnosed

If you think you may have erectile dysfunction, visit your doctor. Upon being diagnosed, you can consider your ED therapy options and decide which clinic you’ll visit.

Natural Options

For those who already know that drugs and surgery aren’t for them (or have already tried these options without success), you may wonder if natural approaches are best. While you’ll find seemingly endless supplements on the market, you may want to visit a clinic that offers LaSara Wave Protocol, or low-intensity shockwave therapy. These procedures don’t cause any discomfort or shocks. Instead, they stimulate the organ and other essential body parts to increase blood flow to the penile shaft.

ED therapy has come a long way and now includes all-natural shockwave options. Visit LaSara Medical Group serving Santa Ana CA at website to learn more.

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