GE S-1000: General Electric Aircraft Engines Quality System Requirements

If you are interested in supplying quality systems to General Electric Aircraft Engines, you need to adhere to certain standards and specifications. The “Bible” for discovering exactly what GEAE expects is GE S-1000. This does not mean it is the only document providing quality requirements. It is not. However, it the starting point from which all suppliers must work.

What Does the Document Establish?

The document establishes for suppliers of various components the minimum quality requirements for the systems for suppliers. It provides all suppliers with a documented procedure. The intent of this is simple – to provide clarity and introduce the basics of GE quality.

Overall, the document ensures the supplier completely comprehends the quality controls it must meet to satisfy the existing requirements of GEAE engineering. The requirements within the document do not remain static. Periodic updates occur. This results in revisions to the quality system and its demand for compliance from the supplier.

Who Does It Apply To?

The document is addressed to “suppliers.” Further elaboration indicates the term encompasses the following::

  • Supplier participants
  • Revenue share participants
  • Material suppliers
  • Ground support equipment suppliers
  • Distributors
  • Warehouses

Although each of these groups is also expected to comply with other applicable requirements, this primary document always will take precedence. For example, Revenue Share Participants and Supplier Participants also have to adhere to the constraints indicated in S-477, and Material suppliers have to follow the conditions of ISO9001. However, if a conflict between the documents occurs, GE S-1000 always takes precedence.

Compliance, GEAE and GE S-1000

If you wish to be a supplier to GEAE, your company will have to adhere to specific standards. In particular, you will need to provide proof that they meet if not exceed the requirements clearly stated and specified in GE S-1000 Quality System. While your company will also have to follow the demands made in other GE documents, this is the primary and essential document for quality system requirements.


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