Garage Floor Covering Options – The Hottest Trends

Shopping around for the perfect look for your garage flooring in NY is a wise decision. It’s a good way for you to get a gauge on what’s currently out there in the market and what would work for you.

Just a Few Examples
1. Interlocking tiles. Colorful and durable enough to handle heavy use, these tiles are often made out of rubber or vinyl. You can easily hide cracks in the floor with this option. Bob Vila says there are also tiles you can peel and stick to create the kind of floor you want: full of color, personality, and style.

2. Vinyl Flooring, roll-out kind. Don’t have the time it takes to customize your garage floors with tile stickers but still want a fresh makeover for your garage floors? You couldn’t do better than a roll-out vinyl flooring. Unroll it, get rid of any excess parts and you can call it a day. However, it’s not as easy to customize this floor option, especially since you can’t easily create patterns unlike the tiles option.

3. Peel and Stick Tiles. You don’t have to go for interlocking tiles to take advantage of the peel and stick tiles. You can use the first one purely for its own merits. Just make sure you clean every inch of your floor thoroughly. Scrub it if you have to—you need to get rid of every trace of greaser, sealant or coating on your floor before you start peeling and sticking those tiles. Otherwise the grease, dirt, and sealant will all get in the way. Your tiles won’t be able to stick to the floor in the way they were meant to and this might cause them to peel back prematurely. Also, if you scrub the floor clean, wait until the surface completely dries. You don’t want to lock in the moisture when you start covering that surface up with tiles even before it’s ready.

4. Epoxy floor coating. If you want durable and sturdy, this is the floor coating you need to get your garage floors looking like new. However, you have to make sure the surface is ready. That means cleaning the floor in basically the same way you would for peel and stick tiles. Also, remember to repair any holes or uneven spaces. If you don’t, those unsightly marks will mar your gorgeous garage floors, which is the last thing you want to happen.

In Conclusion
Whether you go for tiles, a roll-on flooring, or durable coating, one thing’s for sure: you need to get your floor fixed up before you go ahead with any other additions. That’s the first step to getting the garage makeover you want. Visit Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation to know more.


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