Funny Jokes Are the Best Way to Connect

If you haven’t met your old friends in a long while, sharing some funny jokes can be an excellent way to reconnect with them. A joke is spoken, written or performed with an intention of humor. There are many kinds of jokes, some of which have a single word or gesture. These are contextual and can only be used in certain situations.

Many people find it difficult to reconnect with their old friends. You might want to sit and chat with them, but the lack of a topic starter could prove to be difficult. Cracking a joke might be the best possible way to begin. You can employ sarcasm, irony, word play or any other devices while cracking a joke. However, if you are meeting somebody for the first time, it is best to keep sarcastic jokes aside. You don’t want to come off as an arrogant person in any case.

Tips to Making Good Jokes

Funny jokes can help you capture an audience. Some of the finest speakers in the world are able to make jokes on the fly. You may have often seen this happen as well. While speaking on stage, many speakers regularly pause their speeches and instead crack a joke. This allows them to give the audience a slight jolt. However, there are several tips that can help you make good jokes. Nobody likes hearing a joke that has already been told before; it just does not have the desired effect. Here are a few tips:

Use Contextual Jokes

First of all, try to give a spin on the current situation. Contextual situations are hilarious, and can often get people laughing much quicker. This is because they are easy to understand, since your audience may have gone through the same situation. If you are trying to crack a specific joke, make sure that it can be understood by everybody in the audience. Avoid cracking jokes that will be difficult for others to understand.

Build Up To It

Funny jokes are best used if you have established a sort of rhythm. When you meet a group of friends, you shouldn’t start off the bat with a joke. Instead, be calm and let the conversation flow. Once you have built up your confidence in the conversation, insert at an appropriate time a simple joke. Make sure it is short. You don’t want to bore the people with your presence just yet.

Jokes are an excellent way to keep the conversation going, and numerous studies have proven that jokes can impact the mind and body in a very healthy manner. You can also check out several online forums in order to find the best jokes to use in certain situations.


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