Funeral And Burial Customs Are Honored In Various Ways

In the US, funeral options can basically be described in terms of a funeral, visitation, memorial gathering, or graveside service. As well, many people choose cremation instead of burial. In the early days of Dutch New Amsterdam (which is now New York City), inviters were hired to go door-to-door to invite friends and family to a deceased’s funeral. These same people were known as warners in Pennsylvania.

Early Customs in Colonial America

Along with the invitation, inviters or warners delivered a pair of gloves, a bottle of wine, and two cakes. The baked goods were actually large cookies that were not supposed to be eaten. Instead, they were kept as mementos of the deceased. These early funeral and burial customs enabled people to find the support they needed when going through the grieving process.

Review the Options Online

Indeed, cemeteries of this type allow you to pre-plan a funeral or memorial service that is tailored to your personal preferences and budget. This makes funeral planning easier as you have more options from which to choose.

A Funeral Viewing

One of the funeral and burial customs that is practiced after a death is a public viewing. According to grief specialists, viewing assists in the grieving process and better assists the bereaved to comprehend the reality of death. Viewing is an encouraged activity for children as long as they participate voluntarily.

Keeping to Tradition

Burial customs will prevail as statistics indicate that enough burial space is still available for the next 200 years. That is because burial land is now better optimized. Entombments have increased as well as multi-level burials.

If you are pre-planning your funeral, you can choose from various kinds of services. Carefully review your choices as options include various kinds of visitations, memorial services, burials, or cremations. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.


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