Functional Medicine Treats the Whole Patient

In a society that has progressed leaps and bounds in the past one hundred years, it is a fair expectation to have access to medical care that has made the progression, also. Functional medicine is one way health care providers are seeking to provide their patients with a more comprehensive approach to treating what ails them. Functional medicine takes the focus off disease-centered medical treatments and puts it on the patient as a whole. Many physicians today still look at ailments in a relatively narrow manner – they seek to diagnose and treat afflictions they are presented with in the moment. However, in today’s world, healthcare providers are being presented with chronic illnesses on an ever-increasing basis, and it is necessary to take a wider view of underlying factors like a patient’s’ habits, environment and genetics in order to be able to treat him or her adequately for the long term.

A Comprehensive Picture

At Parker Integrative Health, our providers are focused on bringing functional medicine to Denver, CO. When you are ready to take control of your comprehensive health care picture, we are ready to help you do it. In fact, we even offer free consultations to develop a strategy in determining the best healthcare course for you. Call us at 303-841-9565 or visit our web site at Parker Integrative to set up your initial consultation. In the meantime, know that in our quest to bring functional medicine to Denver, CO, residents, we are intent on giving you the time and attention your medical needs deserve. Providers who practice functional medicine make a habit of spending a significant amount of time with patients in their care. They gather information, not only on the individual’s medical history, but also on environmental factors, the person’s family health history, and daily habits that can give the provider clues as to the person’s future looks, health wise.

A Scientific Approach

By integrating science heavily into their approach, providers can look ahead to possible roadblocks that might arise in a patient’s health journey, and they can suggest changes to a person’s daily routine that may very well save him or her from trouble in the long run. So when you think about taking complete control of your health, consider the fact that functional medicine is available in Denver, CO, and Parker Integrative Health is the place to seek it. Our staff looks forward to helping you begin a new health journey today.

The knowledge of functional medicine to Denver, CO has been given and brought to you by Parker Integrative Health.


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