Frequently Asked Questions About Trash Removal Service In Long Island NY

If your household generates a large amount of trash every week, it’s essential that you have a dependable company for your Trash Removal Service in Long Island NY. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about trash pickup.

Q.) Are there certain types of containers that should be used for trash pickup?

A.) If you’re going to place your trash outside the night before trash pickup, make sure that you place it inside of a reliable container. If you just place a bag outside, animals can easily get into your trash and scatter it all around. Buy a container that’s big enough to hold your weekly trash. If you put too much trash inside of your trash can, it can cause the container to lose its shape and the lid won’t fit properly. Buy a durable outdoor trash container made out of high density polyethylene plastic.

Q.) Are there any specific items that can’t be picked up by a trash removal service?

A.) You should only place household waste inside of your trash can for pickup. Instead of throwing plastics, bottles and newspapers in your waste can, take them to a recycling center in your area. Ask the company that performs your Trash Removal Service in Long Island NY if they have a recycling program. You may be able to place your recyclables outside on the curb for pickup too. Never put any type of hazardous materials inside your trash can for pickup. These types of materials include batteries, aerosol cans, paint and chemicals. If you’re unsure about what you can throw inside of your trash can, contact the company that performs your trash removal.

Q.) Where should the trash container be placed for pickup?

A.) Place your trash container next to the curb where the trash service employees can easily see it. Don’t place your trash container in front of or behind a parked car. Make sure that your trash is placed in an area where the trash truck has ample room to navigate.

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