Freight Logistics and Tech Solutions in 2017

One of the most substantial trends for the logistics freight solutions world during 2017 could be the development of a new offering dubbed digital freight matching or DFM. This innovative solution capitalizes on Big Data, IoT, and e-commerce to meet key needs for drivers and shippers. This trend underscores how important technology, communication, and information are in providing logistics freight solutions.

Gaining Insight with Tech Solutions

DFM helps shippers immediately identify drivers who have the capacity to deliver their truckload. For shippers and truckers today, having the ability to exchange information in real time is arguably just as important now as the delivery of the actual goods. Shippers benefit when they’re able to track the load and monitor pertinent details about the shipment in transit. Shippers should also be provided with transparent and competitive pricing upfront as well.

Improving Operations with Tech

Economists recently discovered that truckers spend 28 percent of their mileage, or 50 billion miles, each year driving an empty load. Applications like DFM help shippers match the size of the load with the appropriate types of trucks available on the dates and routes needed. The underlying value here is how improved communication and access to accurate information can provide more flexibility and more efficient results.

Though it’s become highly fragmented, the transportation industry is now worth a whopping $800 billion. Regardless of how far technology advances, shippers will always need logistics freight solutions they can count on. Working with qualified logistics solutions and professionals is the best strategy for running a seamless freight operation.


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