Four Warning Signs Of Fake Essay Writing Services To Watch Out For

Essay writing services have become quite popular, as they are used by many college students. While there are many legitimate essay writing service sites out there, there are also many illegitimate ones, looking to steal students’ money. To ensure you get the best quality work for your money and are not scammed, it is important to know the warning signs of fake services. Learn some of these signs below.

Stated Rates Start Lower than $15 per Page

Sites that offer essay writing services at below $15 per page are likely to be illegitimate because it is virtually impossible for any company to hire quality American-born writers and have them work for such a low rate. It is much more likely the writers’ native-born language is NOT English, which will make the quality of the essay work much lower.

Offer Their Own Plagiarism Checker

If an essay writing service site is offering its own plagiarism checker, you should stay away from doing any business with it. Such sites will encourage you to submit your paper to check for duplicate content, but in reality, they are wanting your paper to illegally sell, distribute, and/or publish it in the future, even if they tell you they will not do this.

Use “Authorize.Net” As a Payment Processor

Note that IS a legitimate payment processor, so the problem is not really them. Instead, the problem is that many foreign companies choose to use this payment processor because they can receive the payments outside of the U.S., which makes it likelier that you will lose your money and have less chance of getting it back.

Has Been Online “Since 1997”

Many fake writing service companies will state that they have been around since the year 1997, but this is not actually the case. You should always use and input the domain name of the company into their search engine and see the actual record of the domain name for yourself, as well as company records if they exist. You’ll see that site ownership (and company ownership) does not extend back that far, verifying the service is not legitimate.

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