Four Special Occasions that are Perfect for a Helicopter Ride

If you are looking for a unique way to show someone how special they are on a special day, going for a ride in helicopters in Los Angeles is a great choice. Here are just a few of the occasions that that can be unforgettable.

A Milestone Anniversary

Whether you are celebrating your first year together or 50 years of wedded bliss, a helicopter ride is a great way to celebrate. There is nothing more romantic than watching the sunset over Los Angeles from the sky. You can let your special someone know that even over a city of millions, they still are and always be the only one in your eyes. Celebrating a milestone anniversary in a unique way commemorates exactly what they mean to you in a way that they will never forget.

A Birthday Celebration

Some people want to celebrate a birthday with a big birthday bash with a few hundred of their favorite people. If the person in your life would rather do something that is fun, exhilarating, and though provoking, this is the perfect option. For some, a birthday is a time for reflection. What better way to reflect than a few hundred feet off the ground.

Celebrate a Promotion at Work

Nothing says you are on top of the world than a ride in a helicopter. All too often, you may have heard your best friend or significant other complain about not being appreciated at work no matter how hard they work. So, when they finally get that overdue promotion, help them accentuate that over the moon feeling. Nothing says congratulations on a job well done like a unique experience. Just trust that they will get enough congrats mugs and cookies at work. Try something different.

Celebrate a Retirement

Some people think of retirement as the end of a chapter but forget about the beginning of a new chapter. Retirement means no more punching a clock, mean bosses, or dealing with coworkers. It also means having the freedom to sleep on later or travel whenever the heart desires. Start the new adventure right by taking your recent retiree on a helicopter ride to symbolize a new life of spontaneity and fun.

The truth is that you don’t have to have a special occasion to take a ride in a helicopter over the city. Do it just because, you definitely won’t regret it.

Lite Flight Helicopter Tours is a great way to explore the city whether you are a longtime resident or a visitor. Call them today for a one of a kind experience with helicopters in Los Angeles.


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