Four Qualities of a Cost-Efficient HVAC System

To save money on the electric bill, home owners are converting to cost-efficient systems for their heating and cooling needs. Most older systems need to run a lot longer than newer systems do, meaning costs will be higher. A cost-efficient HVAC system offers four important qualities that home owners can benefit from.

High Efficiency
One of the most important qualities of an HVAC system is that it has high efficiency. This means the system runs at nearly full efficiency. Older systems typically only run at a portion of the efficiency level, running bills much higher. A highly efficient system offers cost-efficiency as well.

More Energy Controls
Older units typically offered only a few control options. The temperature could be set on hot or cold, without the ability to make it run in between. Now, more energy controls are available. Not only can home owners turn their thermostat to heating or cooling, but they can also set a direct temperature to reach. They may even have a humidity option to control that as well.

Air Filter Location
Newer systems have an easy-to-find air filter. Since this filter needs to be replaced every few months, it is important that home owners know exactly where to find it. Older systems had a harder to find location, so the job of replacing the air filter was often forgotten. With a clogged air filter, the system will have to work a lot harder, meaning energy bills will be incredibly high.

Better Placement
Units were typically placed in any area that had sufficient space, including an outside location near gutters, and inside locations in the attic. Now, units are placed in better locations, ensuring no excess moisture can get inside and cause damage, as well as low efficiency. With proper placement, HVAC systems are kept in the best condition possible and can keep cost savings down.

A cost-efficient HVAC system offers four important qualities to home owners. Not only does it save people money, but it also takes less time to work and offers more controls than ever before. Home owners can set the exact temperature they desire, and easily replace any filters that need it. This keeps costs low and comfort high.

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