Four Issues Best Left to Your Divorce Attorney in Paradise CA

Getting divorced is hardly ever easy. With all the emotional matters that you have to deal with yourself and help your children through at the same time, it can be refreshing to learn that you can leave the financial and legal issues to an experienced Divorce Attorney in Paradise CA. These four issues are best left to an attorney.

Property Division
This is often a matter of math and should be left to the lawyers to figure. In many cases, real estate is sold and the proceeds are divided between the spouses. Debts are divided equitably as well. Your Divorce Attorney in Paradise CA may advise you on how to separate your personal debt from your ex-spouse’s.

Child Custody
While you know what’s best for your children, the issue of legal custody should be left to the lawyers. You should spend your time making sure your children have as much stability as possible during this difficult time in their lives. Whenever possible, do your best to ensure your children spend time with both you and their other parent. The more flexible you are during the divorce, the easier it will be for your lawyer to prove you should be the custodial parent.

Child Support
This is strictly a financial issue that you can’t do much about. The state provides a worksheet that, when completed, provides a percentage that each parent should contribute toward their children’s care. An attorney from Brooks and Brooks Attorneys at Law can explain the formula and may be able to ask the court for more money if your children have extraordinary expenses.

Spousal Support
If you or your spouse is eligible for support, the courts will make a determination as to how much will be paid and for how long. It is often best to leave this matter to your lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.

Having a good Divorce Attorney in Paradise CA can help you and your children get through the separation. Allow your lawyer to deal with the issues you can’t control. There is very little you can do to effect your property settlement other than providing your attorney will all of the information you have about yours and your spouse’s assets. Visit for more information.



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