Food and Tasting Tours in Italian Cities

Foodies and wine lovers are drawn to Italy for their unique cuisine and award-winning wines. Many visitors will take food and tasting tours in Italian cities where they can learn about local cuisine and taste the wines that have made the area famous.

There are twenty regions in Italy with each region having its own distinctive culinary dishes and specialty wines. Every Italian will insist that the best food or wine in Italy is in their home town.

Good food and wine go together and Italy as some of the world’s most famous wines.


The Northeast region has many specialty dishes which are dominated by fish and seafood from Lake Garda and the coasts. Many meat and cheese, seasonal vegetables, and pasta are consumed here.

Veneto is a large producer of red and white wines along with prosecco, which is a sparkling wine.


The Northwest region has an affinity for butter. Butter is a basic ingredient and used along with olive oil. Risotto, pasta, truffles, and a variety of cheeses are typical of the region.

Some of the best wines come from the Piedmont region.

Central Italy

The food here is simple with a lot of olive oil, tomatoes, basil, ham, and fresh fish.

Central Italy has vineyards everywhere you look. The best of them come from the hills around Tuscany, where they produce award-winning wines.


The southern cuisine is mainly seafood, fresh vegetables, and olive oil. The best olives come from the Puglia Region.

Wines have been produced in southern Italy since the Bronze Age. The biggest producer is in Puglia.

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