Flooring Companies Provide Residential Floor Preparation Service

There are many floors covering suppliers to choose from. But, if a home has problem floors that need special attention before new flooring can be installed, the owners need to choose a floor covering suppliers such as Aesthetic Flooring & Hard-Surfaces, Inc. that offers Residential Floor Preparation Service in the Greeley and Longmont Co area. A new floor will only be as good as the subfloor under it and the quality of installation. The most expensive floor can be a disappointment if it is poorly installed.

A good flooring supplier will have well-trained sales associates to help customers decide what kinds of flooring are best for each of the areas of their homes. The sales associate will guide the customers through the whole process of getting new flooring including picking the best flooring, floor preparation, installation, and product care information. There are a lot of floors to choose from. Each type of floor has pros and cons to consider.

When considering wood flooring, the customer must choose between solid wood, engineered wood, laminate wood, exotic wood, prefinished flooring, or unfinished flooring. When considering carpet, clients must decide on the fiber type such as nylon, acrylic, polyester, olefin, wool, or sisal. Then the construction of loops, cut pile, or patterns must be chosen. The types and thicknesses of carpet pads are also important considerations. Hard surface flooring such as ceramic tile, stone tile, sheet vinyl, or vinyl tiles come in many different colors, patterns, and grades.

Another flooring choice gaining popularity is polished concrete. Not all concrete floors are in good enough shape to be polished. New construction concrete can be poured with polishing in mind. Existing concrete in older homes must be examined. Some existing floors can be repaired and polished;some can have a self-leveling coat of special concrete poured over them and polished, and some are just not suitable. Polished concrete floors can be dyed special colors or left the natural concrete color. The Residential Floor Preparation Service will be needed here.

Many homes will have several floorings chosen for different rooms. Bedrooms may have carpet, and the rest of the house be hard surfaced flooring. Wood flooring may be in every room but the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. The customer and their sales associate can decide what is best for their home. For more flooring information, look on Facebook or go to Website.


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