Five Ways Doggie Day Care Makes Life Easier

While a good game of tag in the evening can benefit your best friend, dogs, especially puppies, need plenty of exercise throughout the long day. If your pet is cooped up at home with only a handful of toys, he/she will not be getting the exercise they need. Here are five reasons why you may want to consider putting your friend in a doggie day care in Madison, Wisconsin:

Spa day!

Daycares, like Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa, offer spa services to give your dog a day in paradise! According to Pet Guide, “From grooming to playtime, your pet is bound to have a lot of fun.”

Plenty of exercise

Your dog can get all the exercise he/she needs at the day care. You won’t have to worry about lack of exercise, and how it could be hurting your dog’s health. With our services, you know your friend will be returned to you happy and healthy.


He/she always knows when it’s time for you to go in the morning. Nothing says heartbreak more than the sad look in those doggie eyes when you close the door in their face. If you can’t bear the thought of leaving your dog alone in your home, putting them in doggie daycare can provide them with the companionship they need to fight loneliness and boredom while you’re away.

Less stress

How many times have you rushed home to fill bowls and sneak in a quick walk? With a dog day care, you can take your time, or get through your overtime with no worries.

Peace of mind

Going out of town? Opt for Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa, a dog boarding facility. Your time away will be much less stressful, knowing your pet has everything they need while you’re gone.


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