Five Things You Should Know About Gastroenterology

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Healthcare


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Gastroenterology is concerned with diagnosing and developing courses of treatment for diseases of the digestive system. For residents of Jacksonville, FL, gastroenterology is an important subject to understand if they are concerned about their health. Here are some important things to bear in mind for anyone seeking to learn more.

1. There’s no need to be embarrassed.

People often delay going to see a gastroenterologist because they find the nature of their medical problems embarrassing. Doctors are used to dealing with sensitive problems, so don’t delay treating a potentially serious illness.

2. It uses a surprising amount of technology.

Jacksonville, FL gastroenterology clinics use the latest equipment to help carry out accurate diagnoses. Endoscopies use a thin, flexible tube with a camera and light source that transmits an image back to a computer screen so the physician can fully examine the stomach, esophagus, and intestines. Some clinics use a small capsule containing a camera which wirelessly sends back images and data after you swallow it.

3. Symptoms can be deceiving.

Many people suffer from bloating, diarrhea, and gas. This can be worrying for the patient, but symptoms like these can often be completely normal. It is when new symptoms appear and persist for a long period of time that investigation is needed.

4. Don’t diagnose yourself.

Jacksonville, FL gastroenterology specialists are used to seeing people who have looked up their symptoms online, diagnosed what they think the problem is, and then started self-treatment. Gastroenterology takes years of medical training and specialization to deal with difficult diseases. Take advantage of an expert opinion first.

5. Screening could save your life.

One of the most common diseases seen by gastroenterologists is colorectal cancer. This is the second leading cause of death from cancer. Regular screenings, especially for patients over the age of fifty, could cut down up to sixty percent of these deaths.

Now that you understand the importance of what gastroenterology clinics actually do, you should be better equipped to take care of your digestive health and make good decisions about your healthcare options.

Digestive Disease Consultants is based in Jacksonville, providing cutting-edge diagnostic technology and a strong focus on patient care. They specialize in endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures in a calm, compassionate environment.

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