Plantation shutters are a type of interior window treatment with adjustable louvers. Once used on the windows of Southern plantations to protect the home from excess heat, modern plantation shutters are made to fit inside the window frame, and they can open outward or fold like French doors. Though wooden shutters are the most common, it is also possible to find shutters made of composite and polysatin, which is a UV resistant material. If you’re debating what type of window treatment to install, there are several good reasons to choose Plantation Shutters Bradenton FL.

Reason #1: Plantation shutters look great from the outside, especially when they’re on all the windows on the front of the house. If your house is on the market, plantation shutters will increase your curb appeal and raise the value of your home.

Reason #2: Plantation shutters give you a lot of control over the amount of light you let into a room. The louvers are edged so that they block the light completely when fully closed, which can be an effective way to reduce summer heat and save on energy. In contrast, when the shutters are open, there is nothing to block the light from coming in.

Reason #3: Plantation shutters are constructed without cords or rods. This makes them safe for small children and pets, who could get tangled in cords or detach rods by pulling on them.

Reason #4: Plantation shutters can be customized to fit any window size or shape, even round portholes or arches. They also come in a variety of colors that can match most decor. In addition, they can be fitted over sliding glass doors and French doors.

Reason #5: Plantation shutters are easy to take care of. They can be kept clean with weekly dusting, and a wet cloth can remove any smudge. It’s not necessary to use cleaning products.

The most popular locations for plantation shutters are the kitchen and the bathroom, but they can make any room look more beautiful and elegant. No other window treatment offers as much versatility in appearance and control of light. For more information about Plantation Shutters Bradenton FL, visit

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