Five Bail Bond Types You Can Get from a Bail Bondsman in Washington County, PA

Despite the ease of getting bail bonds, confusion and mystery persist regarding types of bail bonds available from a bail bondsman in Washington County, PA. Around-the-clock bail bond service is the norm in most states but few prospective clients know exactly what kind of bail bond they should get when an untimely arrest happens. Here’s a basic rundown.

Bail vs. Bond

The words “bond” and “bail” often occur interchangeably. Technically, “bail” refers to a fee the court imposes to guarantee a defendant’s reappearance during trial proceedings. A “bond” is a promise posted to the court by a bondsman on behalf of the defendant. The promise reassures the court that the bondsman intends to cover the defendant’s bail if the latter fails to appear.

As a result, experts often use the word bond to reference a particular way the defendant or a third party pays bail. For example, a cash bond is the full bail amount paid in cash.

An own recognizance bond is the defendant’s signed promise to reappear for court proceedings; under these circumstances, the court imposes no bail, per se, taking the defendant’s criminal history, flight risk, and the severity of the crime into account.

Other Types of Basic Bonds

A transfer bond is a bond purchased outside of the state and transferred for use in Pennsylvania. One of the cheapest bonds, the 10-Percent Bail Bond, requires the defendant to bond out of jail by paying a mere 10 percent of the total bail amount.

Similarly, a surety bond typically costs about 10 to 15 percent of the full bail amount. This premium is a nonrefundable fee for the bond agent. In exchange for the fee, the bond agent posts bail to the court in the form of a surety bond, a vow to cover the entire cost of bail if the defendant vanishes.

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